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Thread: Naruto & Sasuke (Genjutsu + Support)

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    Talent : Power of ReincarnationIncreases massive Agility and Chakra by percentage, and naturally has 55% speed, 40% avoid injury rate and damage rate. When this ninja is on the battlefield, it can increase all allies' Speed by 40%, all allies' HP by 30%, ally support's Attack by 15% and ally assaulter's avoid injury rate by 30%. Raise damage rate by 3% for every 10% HP lost. Naturally avoids Curse and Acupoint Attacks.

    Skill : Power of Six Paths Attack all enemies with a 300% growing rate. There is a 60% chance to trigger Acupoint Attacks and stun enemies for 2 rounds. Increase ally assaulters' speed, damage rate and control skill success rate by 25%, 10% and 30%, respectively for 2 rounds. Reduce enemies' physical defense by 20% and enemy support's strategy defense by 30% for 2 rounds. Restore 68 points of Fury for the caster and 30 Fury Points for allies.


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    Very Good balanced ninja for pvp and pve and his speed talent is 40 % for the team which is higher than all past ninja with 35 % also that hp talent is great enough ,, his skill and talent is very good and balaced and that stun can work againt lot of ninja , ofc from now all ninja speed talents is going to be more as we saw on CN but for now this ninja is a great start and very balnced also it's good to c u namie adding the new ninja on the fourm so ppl can talk like other fourms but i think this will never happen cause of these image which make ppl so hard to post thier replay u should do something about that .
    Stay alive and have fun game guys best luck for all
    my current name on game is Azxy S111


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