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    Hi, I am looking for advice. I have ran out of Main Quest to do and I wanna know what is the best way to level up my Main Character to get more story line quest. Do I just keep farming the last map? I have over 400 vit I wanna use it all. Thanks! Level 83 currently

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    claim zodiac exp, claim the exp that automatically fills up in that blue orb, do daily tasks and farm fights, that's how you level up. im surprised you actually got stuck like this, because i have 2 accounts and i've never encountered this level limiter.

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    Thanks for the tips. And I believe I got the level limiter cause I use to buy the max vit you could buy with vip 6. I'm guessing I went further then I was suppose to go, so I fell behind in Dailies/Blue Orb/Fame/Events etc. I could be incorrect.


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