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Thread: New idea about rebels and some talk about beast events

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    Default New idea about rebels and some talk about beast events

    well guys i'm going to talk about rebels today after these merges now we prob have like 100 active player in the server and everyday at rebels we have like 40 players doing it so till wave 70 if u r lucky u get 1 attack > as we know game is very lagy now and just guys with super net speed can attack on rebels and get more hits with these number like 40 one at the event and ofc those 40 can deal like 1 B damage at least and the other can deal till the 2 B damage so its really unfair cause we got no hits.
    here is my idea to make it fair as we know we have 15 seconds time CD between each attack and thats really cool and i want it to stay the same but in other way we have 10 seconds countdown atfer each wave so the idea what if we had no countdown between waves like each wave is done the other rebels just join this way it will be fair cause the other guys who already attack will need 15 seconds CD so all guys will have a chanse to attack and get hits and everybody will be happy :P

    here is the thing we r all copyies on CN version but as i said before if u r going to merge servers to put 100 to 150 active players in the server and those players have 10 M and more BP so just provide better service and do some updates at least just look at this idea about rebels to make its fair for all players fix someting i know admins r working but do more and u have to do more .
    i'm going to give u other example like beast event now with all of these numbers new ninja and that strong the beast survive for less than 1 second we prob can't hit the first hit even cause of the numbers i mean the beast should be like 100 times hp from the beast hp now but let us from beast now and just look at rebels idea and if u can't do anything witout CN agree so just tell them to do something cause CN privde great things but AN now i really don't know how its going its very bad honstly and i'm sry for that .

    and now my msg for the memmbers and vistios just don't look at the thread and view it without doing anything say your opinion say its good or bad talk u r players of AN and u should say what do u want and what would help u and if u r a vistior just check that thread
    msg for the vistiors
    now let me c if i forget something cause i'm really mad at all of u admins memmbers vistiors whoever u r all do nothing so just move thats better for u and thx .
    Stay alive and have fun game guys best luck for all
    my current name on game is Azxy S111

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    yea and btw admins u can't blame me for my talk cause i want the best for the game i love , so when i'm saying i'm mad at all of u memmbers , vistios , admins no one get sad but its the truth u should do something and if u r doing something so do more and i would appriciate if admins say their opnion cause its a shame if normal memmber like me who is talking on these things and admins do no response for any ideas or talk i'm sry again but its the truth . Best luck for all again

    and yea if u'll keep it this way without any response prob i'll move to other platfourm don't know which one but i adore AN so do something and btw i manage like 7 8 accounts all of them vip accounts cause their owners r busy and get bored from the game so they gave it to me and now i gave it to guys to pilot it what i mean if i left the game much more players will left it trust me and u can come to my server and check my talk very well cause they all stay in the server cause of me , i'm talking at least about my clan uchiha and my friends so trust me more than 15 players will left the game just from my server if i left it and they all vip players not free cause they left the game before and they back when i told them to back so again and again do something
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    Stay alive and have fun game guys best luck for all
    my current name on game is Azxy S111

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