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Thread: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

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    Well first of all my team is called + because of my training.
    My team contains 5 personagens and they Uzumaki Kazu (My Avatar), Uzumaki Naruto, Gaara, Hyuga Hinata and Aburame Shino.
    Well my avatar has 7 special ninjutsus being Fuma Shuriken them, Bust Blow, Heavenly Chain, Defend, poison Hit, Thousand Weapons and Aid.O more jutsu used by me is because Aid to attack Assaulter then facilitates the combat, The even with the gaara With the power of Shukaku the attack is also assalter.Ja the Uzumaki Naruto attack is Vanguard, but nevertheless I always outsmart because of the advantage of jinchūriki (Kyuubi-Bomb Bijju) .The Aburame Shino Attacks support with their insetos.E lastly the biggest advantage is the Hinata Hyuga because of having Block talent she supports my whole team.
    Well every personagem pertense different possi?oes with them.
    Vanguard: Hinata Hyuga (level 69)
    Assaulter: Gaara, Naruto Uzumaki Uzumaki and Kazu (level 70 and gaara kazu Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki and level 69
    Support: Aburame Shino.
    And Also my team have advantage in PVP battles.
    Good To prossimo event Up.

    IGN : Uzumaki Kazu
    Server : 128 - Hyuga

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    IGN: Troublsum
    Server: DJnamie
    Don't Touch PVP Formation

    I titled this with dont touch me formation for pvp & pve for the fact if my 3 eyed madara is faster then you then you will not touch me at all!
    My formation setup is:

    Support: 3 eyed Madara, Sage hago
    Assulter: Susanno Itachi, Main
    Tank: Rinn. Sasuke

    3 Eyed Madara: 387,968
    Sage Hago: 256,357
    Itachi: 172,717
    Main: 189,443
    Saskue: 88,705

    3 Eyed Madara: Full lvl 20 enchant lvl 95 Shura-jizo set
    Sage Hago: full lvl 20 enchant lvl 101 weapon and boots ice set, with lvl 100 s forge hunting soul armor set
    Itachi: full lvl 20 enchant lvl 100 s forge hunting soul armor set
    Main: full lvl 20 enchant lvl 96 angel set
    Saskue: full lvl 10 enchant lvl 110 s forge soul set

    sakura fairy
    lucky cat

    taka sasuke

    This formation can be used for pvp and pve, for most cases i change out itachi for 8 gates gai depending on the enemy i am facing. For Pve i change itachi out for upgraded Minato or Reanimation Silver depending on the formation and the enemy i am facing. I list my speed and gear and pets so you can see why my formation is name you can't touch me. With Madara super dodge skill and Hago dot skill (poision) I am able to do masssive damage to enemys before they are able to attack. For Pve im able to keep the dot on them with hago and super dodge with madara since they both give fury and if i have Minato in he also gives fury. I have a full fury set on Madara and Hago. i could name this easy mode since I have 3 eyed Madara but there are pve enemys that cant still attack with super dodge buff on and im sure there will be events ninja coming to counter him. There are changes that I will be making to my formation i dont really think i need anymore ninjas i would like to have Kakshi or Shisui as a assluter cause to me i think there damage output is greater then susanno itachi but I will way the option later on I also want to get Jin as a tank other then that i think this formation will help anyone with a lil money to spend on the game to beat anyone they face. I would tell you that this formation is for people with a little money to spend it is not a free account, you will need to spend a little bit of money, you might think that i spent alot for this formation but in reality being smart and knowing when to top up and how to spend your gold is the key here. i wont tell you them skills cause it should be a no brainer. In the pic I will show you my BP is higher then what you see I was doing beast at the time so i only put the ninjas for the formation and didnt change over any gear.

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    TEAM Infinite Tsukuyomi -->
    IGN: Evil Ryu
    Server: 98 Tsukuyomi
    Guild: BEAST

    Main - Assaulter
    Reincarnated Ninjutsu
    Skill: Flame Raksasa
    OT: Shadow - Reduces enemies fury.

    Susanoo Kakashi - Assaulter
    Talent: Susanoo
    Increase lots of Agility and Power with percent, talent with 20% speed and 15% damage rate. Avoids stun.
    Skill: Power Shuriken
    Attack all enemies, growing rate 220%, reduce enemy's fury by 30, has a 60% chance to forbid enemy's normal attack, lasts 2 rounds, recover HP 35% for own Assaulter and Support, lasts 2 rounds, increase 15% Attack to allies for 2 rounds, recover 25 fury for team including self.

    Outer Path Obito - Support
    Talent: Increases Agility by a large percentage, possesses Avoid Fury Reduction and 10% Punch Rate by nature.
    Skill: Otoke Boya Yainma
    Attack all enemies, growing rate 160%, recover caster's Fury by 100 points, increase allies, except caster's Fury by 30 points. Avoid Support being controlled by 2 rounds, dispel debuff effect for the Support.

    Reanimated Madara - Support
    Talent: Reanimation
    Increases Certain Dexterity by percent, naturally has 10% Damage Rate and lower chance of Crit. Rate and Punch Rate.
    Skill: Trees Destruction
    Attack the enemy support, increase the caster's support's attack by 15% for 2 rounds. Reduce enemy's Fury by 5, restore the caster 100 Fury and all ninjas except the caster 30 Fury. Growing rate 185%

    Rinnegan Sasuke - Vanguard
    Talent: Increases a certain force by percent, naturally has 7% damage rate. (15% Force)
    Skill: Attack all enemies, growing rate 220%, increase your assaulters aid rate by 60% for 3 rounds, increase HP by 45%.

    Infinite Tsukuyomi

    If given the chance for first strike, this team will cast a powerful genjutsu known as Infinite Tsukuyomi. It will render the enemy team useless and the members of this team will repeatedly cast their specials resulting in fury drain and silence in order to keep the enemy team subdued in a state of trance as they are being destroyed. (Will not work on teams where the enemy is immune to fury. Kakashi will go first to drain fury and silence and give everyone else fury. OP Obito and RM will go go next and add to the fury for the whole team. Main will go and reduce more fury using the Shadow OT and finally R. Sasuke will go. Then the whole scenario will keep repeating until victory is attained.
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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    the support destroyer

    thats why my pain attacks first and decrease enemys fury because my pain is very fast

    after my konan regenerate the hp , because my konan have a lot of defense and resist 2 or 2 hits

    my main use wolves for the punch and the second skill shadow for decrease enemy fury

    my IGI use her special skill and kill the supports in 1 hit and the assaulters in 1 or 2 hits because my IGI have a lot of force ^^

    ID : artaroth
    name in the server : gabry

    server : 95 Rinnegan
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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    I call mine team Hit hard and hit fast.
    Mine current team members are Sasori, Tobi, Uchiha Itachi and Kakuzu. Main philosophy is in Sasori getting a first hit and prolonging their ulti for 1 round, that 1 round prolong time needs to be exploited with Tobi and Itachies AoE attack which KOs all of enemy team except Vanguard almost all of time. As for main he is set to be faster than Itachi and on Shadow Occult so he can defury their assault line with wolves or Aid depending on sitution, this way Deidara isn't needed as Main will do his defury part of job. Kakuzu is there just to receive hits and live trough them. For PvE aspect of play usually I put Konnan Tobi combo in and leave the rest to see how it goes. As for events high damage team its Sai, Sage Kabuto, Minato and Itachi blazing trough beast or rebels with high crit and dmg count.

    Server name: Shiroyasha
    Server: 125 Chunnin

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Team Name: VIP0


    Target best VIP0 R2 thn op prota will att all 1 shot i'm close to make R2
    Vanguard: Using cry baby Sasuke
    Assault: Using flying Sasuke if people dont know he can fly
    Support: Using Six Path Pain & Konan

    IGN: Mazumder
    Server: 4-Naruto
    Have no fear when MAZUMDER is here.........................dark MAZUMDER will rise again

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Hello everyone!!

    I call my team"The Resistance"; 3 Supports, 1 Assaulter and my vanguard;

    As Supports I have:

    Because is great with a high speed to stun the enemy, i think is great at PVM and PVP for her skill.
    I have her because increase the fury's Assaulter members, to damage the enemy faster with assaulter's skill.
    I have her to heal Vanguard and Assaulter.

    As Assaulter:

    Main character, My Ninjutsu Character, just now i have with him the skill called "Aid" to defend when my vanguard die.

    As Vanguard:

    Maito Gai, I think is a great
    Vanguardbecause have a great Dodge rate, then the enemy can't hit him and them don't get Fury ^^

    What is my strategy?

    Well... Karin start first, to stun the Assaulters enemies , after Haku and Sakura attack, to increase the Fury and Heal Vanguard, Assaulter attack to activate "Aid" To decrease the damage taken.

    Then in the next round, if Vanguard have low HP, Sakura can heal him to continue in the battle, if the Vanguard die, my assaulter take a roll as assaulter/vanguard, because can hit hard with him skill and reduce the damage with Aid aura, and Sakura can continue healing him till the battle finish while Haku increase him fury to activate again the Aid skill ^^.

    This is my Formation, Thanks for reading!

    IGN: Madara
    Server: S-136 Ootsutsuki

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Hello all,
    As many of you know, almost all players have different formations for different situations.
    There are Suppress Beasts and Rebeller's Attack formations, PVP formations, and PVE formations.
    The formation I will introduce today is my Death by DoT (
    DoT=Damage over Time) PVE formation.
    A DoT for higher level PVE battles is very important because the ninjas' Avoid injury/Defense is so high normal attacks and special attacks do only about 5 -10 damage. DoT ignores that so your team does much more damage.

    I use this team for:
    Mount Myoboku
    Lost Tower
    Forbidden Jutsu
    Six Paths Arcanum
    Samsara Land
    Legend of the Oracles

    My ninjas are:

    Rinnegann Sasuke:
    Has great HP recovery so he lasts a very long time and being the vanguard he takes most of the damage from opponents.

    Protagonist/Main (Ninjutsu):
    If battling a single ninja: skill used is Fire Shuriken (combined with decrease enemies' avoid injury occult technique)
    If battling a team of ninjas: skill used is Flame Raksasa (combined with decrease enemies' defense occult technique)
    (I used to use reduce fury occult technique, but now the higher level opponents are mostly immune to fury reduction)

    Nii Yugito (starts with 100 fury):
    Attacks all with DoT (bleed) for three rounds and reduces enemies' fury.
    (problem: higher level opponents are mostly immune to fury reduce so I really depend on her DoT)

    Hozuki Mangetsu (starts with 100 fury):
    Attacks all with DoT (poison) for one round and a chance to stun.
    (problem: higher level opponents are mostly immune to stun so I really depend on his DoT)

    Attacks all with DoT (poison) for two rounds.

    How the DoT formation works:

    I know a lot of you want to say, "BUT YAGURA'S POISON DOESN'T STACK WITH MANGETSU'S POISON!!!"
    That's why I have Mangetsu start with 100 fury.
    You will see in my play by play how it works out.

    Round 1:

    As you can see from the animation below, Mangetsu and Nii will attack first and second respectively.
    Yagura, Main, and Sasuke attack and gain 50 fury for a total of 100 fury for Round 2.
    DoT Result:
    Mangetsu's Poison this round
    Nii's Bleed this round and 2 rounds remaining

    Round 2:

    As you can see from the animation below, now Yagura, Main and Sasuke attack with 100 fury.
    Mangetsu and Nii attack to gain 50 fury.
    DoT Result:
    Yagura's Poison this round and 1 round remaining
    Nii's Bleed this round and 1 round remaining

    Round 3:

    Mangetsu and Nii attack to gain another 50 fury for a total of 100 fury for round 4.
    Yagura, Main, and Sasuke attack to gain 50 fury.
    DoT Result:
    Yagura's poison this round and no rounds remaining
    Nii's Bleed this round and no rounds remaining

    And the cycle starts all over again in round 4 (repeat Rounds 1 - 3)

    As a side note.
    You can replace Yagura with Tobi who is a free ninja and does DoT (burn) for 3 rounds.
    I hope this was helpful and thank you for reading.

    IGN: O o
    Server: 67 (Fuu)
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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Thanks for the rewards glad you chose my guide.
    S36 : Tobirama
    IGN : Dreks

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