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    Quote Originally Posted by delacroxi View Post

    My team is called, the combination Uchiha And Bijuus

    I have Six Paths Pain, Mangetsu Hozoki, Nii Yugito and Rinnniegann Sasuke, the team depends on all members Nagato unene their fuersas to defend and chakra him.

    The conspiracy (Istoria secret) Uchiha comiensa when Nagato finds its power in the eyes causes an Uchiha Madara and the plan to destroy evil on earth, kidnapped and forcibly makes Nii Yugito join his new group war with Genjutsu, Sasuke did not think 2 times join on condition that takes the road, because the conose where is that evil does not support more, Nii Yugito hires Mangetsu Hozoki, as it was the strongest ninja area and water power the ckakra and vitality would inparables.

    The extrategia is that all protejen Nagato Attacks, and when he attacks NOBODY IS ON ITS WAY

    The group leader Hidden Uchiha who used Yugito absorbing half supoder + blood Uchiha so Perfect!
    ID: Delacroxi

    Server: S29 Kurama

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    Keep up the good work, everyone please join Show Your Teamwork

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    Hello ! I am

    This is my team that i call


    Why i call my team
    because most of them wearing black robe ,

    First of all , I am from Server 125 - Chunin , Vip Player
    My current level 96 , PVE BP : 664361 , PVP BP : 861492 , Arena Rank 4 , Elite Match Rank 63
    This formation not only good PVP but it helps in ( Lost Tower , Top Kage , Mount Myoboku )

    My Accomplistment : Unlock :-
    - Mount Myoboku Vanguard
    - Mount Myoboku Assaulter
    - Top Kage - Kazekage
    - Top Kage - Mizukage
    - Top Kage - Tsuchikage

    Now , Why I choose this team !?

    Assaulter 1 : Main ( Ninjutsu )

    I use Ninjutsu Main, I choose him because he look awesome and his skill look badass. His talent is force that gives more Physical Attack and Physical Defend that help him to survive longer from strong vanguard and assaulter. Why i use Wolves ? It is because it help to kill do more damage to enemy's assaulter and give punch rate with Shadow Occult Technique that reduce enemy anger to prevent them to use their Special Attack.
    Jades :
    Force , Agility , Critical , S. Attack , Power , Hit

    Assaulter 2 : Illusion GOD Itachi ( IGI )

    I recruit Itachi because of his skill and stats. Itachi can be recruit at level 80 and upgrade at level 90. He is way better than Kakashi and it is worth to wait 10 more level to recruit him.
    IGI skill is attack all enemies, growing rate 175% that reduce enemy defend by 15% and increase fury by 25%. I make my IGI 2nd fastest and the highest attack ninja in team to destroy all enemies after he use his Tsukuyomi. IGI cost 560 proof and 1200 gold soul from normal Itachi but required Vip 4 to get discount.
    Jades :
    Force , Agility , Critical , S. Attack , Power , Hit

    Support 1 : Sasori
    is the best support from level 70 Tavern that cost 1000 gold soul. His skill is attack enemy support , 60% growth rate, reduce 50 enemy's fury and can stun. My suggestion is sasori should be the fastest ninja in your team to owned your enemies.
    Jades :
    Chakra , Agility , S. Attack , Power , Hit , Critical/Fury

    Support 2 : Konan
    This beautiful lady skill is Recover ally vanguard and assaulter's HP, growing rate 110% and increase caster fury by 100. She is extremely good for Mount Myoboku , Lost Tower and Top Kage because she helps ally team to stand in battle longer. She is a must to recruit in my opinion and can be recruited at Level 90 Tavern that cost 1500 gold soul.
    Jades :
    Chakra , Agility , Power , Hit , Critical , S.Attack

    Vanguard : Kakuzu
    Kakuzu is a MEAT SHIELD . He is extremely tank, he is good in pvp and pve with the help of konan that keep heal him. He is a must to complete Mount Myoboku , Lost Tower and Top kage before recruiting Hashirama/Sasuke or can be replaced if you think he is no longer useful. His skill is Attack enemy vanguard, growing rate 150% and increase caster's defend by 30% for 3 round.
    Jades : Force , Power , Block , Dodge , Counter , Hit/Chakra


    IGN : Axelzero
    Server : 125 - Chunin
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    IGN: Jiraya
    Server: 81(Rikudo Obito)

    Hey all, this is Jiraiya-chan

    Now my team, when you first look at it seems weak. But with the right stats, this team is OP. I call this team Kill The Support. Now for those who have seen the anime Akame ga Kill, they know by the title that this is going to be a nice review. (please open this screenshot to see my team since I don't know how to post an image cause I haven't been on forums too often)

    Now when you first look at this team, you might think its a pretty standard team and some might think of it as weak. Like I said before, if you have the right stats, this team is OP. I will go through a ninja by ninja guide of this team if anyone wants to have a team like this. Its also possible if someone has the same team to have more BP or even less BP, but a good friend told me that BP doesn't matter much in this game.

    (please keep the screenshot open so you can refer back to the team and I am sorry for being a noob at forums :3)

    Support is a very important part of your formation and I think its the most important. There's a wide variety ranging from heal to stun and burn as well. The 2 supports that I have form a great pair.

    The first support, Six Paths Pain. Oh. My. God. Anything I say about him is an understatement. He has nice agility talent, amazing fury drop if your crit is high enough and of course, attacks all enemies. Now imagine having him on your team. You're struggling to beat your opponent. Now with the fury drop + a high crit, all the enemies lose a skill turn.

    The second support, Chiyo. I feel she is a bit underrated for her level. She might not be as OP as SPP, but paired with him, she does the job. Having that agility talent ensure a victory. The best part of her skill is that she drops fury and she stuns. Now a crit from SPP drops 37 fury and normal hit from drops 50. Thats 87/100 fury gone. The support will require 2 turns to get that fury back(unless they have a fury regen nin) and by that time SPP and Chiyo will use skill again. So it becomes kind of an infinite loop.

    Assaulters are one on which there is not much to focus. There are only a few good assaulters in the game (excluding event nins).

    Now, when I first started the game, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on the game and I saw a majority of the people had IGI in their formations and so I also decided to go with IGI. The awesome part about IGI is that he hits hard and he attacks all. His skill drops defence 15% for 3 rounds which can help a lot with some PvE. For me, IGI is more on the PvP side but he also helps with some PvE(cleared most of top kage with him :P). After the supports use their skills, its time for IGI to shine. If you have good amount of force jades on him, you can kill the support and maybe the assaulters of the opponents team. His skill also helps by dropping VG's defence to make it an easier kill. Overall, I like partly because I spent time on getting him and partly because he is a good ninja.

    The main is one of those ninja's where either if you use wolves or attack all skill, with this team you are bound to win(unless you come up against a crazy team full of event ninjas with max jades). Wolves would give Itachi an extra round, which ensures he uses his skill after every round as he also regens 25 fury. Attack all is pretty self explanatory. Attacks all and by this time you would've killed support + assaulter.

    Vanguard should be the least of one's concerns. This is a ninja that you should think about the last.

    Up to level 100, guess who my VG was? ... You guessed RIGHT! Hinata. Hinata is actually a good vg considering the fact that you get her early on in the game and FOR FREE! (we all like free stuff, don't we?). Her block talent helps wreck a few people early on in the game. The reason I wasn't able to get Kakuzu was because I became VIP3 at around lvl 90 and it was too late for him. I decided to get Sasuke at lvl 100.
    This is where I committed a HUGE MISTAKE. (this part requires a bit of planning ahead so tread carefully).
    After getting Sasuke, I thought I would upgrade him and Pain at lvl 110. Then the update hit me. With a sledgehammer. In the face. 10 times. NO QUEST REFRESH CARDS= NO 150 POINTS ( unless of course.. coupons). Now that was a hard blow to me. I could've gone for Hashirama or even just rolled with Kakuzu for 10 more lvls. But then I thought of just getting Zetsu at 110.


    Now upgraded Sasuke and Zetsu are around the same. Both heal themselves, give aid to assaulter. The only difference is sasuke attacks all. If your sasuke doesn't have enough S. Atk, he will get DESTROYED by PvE blocks. That's where Zetsu's single attack comes in handy. He does the exact same thing as Sasuke too. (Zetsu's attack is 230% while Sasuke is 220%)

    This team that I just described would be suitable for lvl 110-120. I say this because, most at/after 120, Reincarnate. Then a whole new tavern opens up with new ninjas and new skills. But to get from 110-120 is a tough job and for this period, this team will help a lot.

    If you seek replacements then I would suggest Tobirama to stun assaulter or Konan to get that heal going, making VG last longer.

    This brings me to the end of a LONG ASS review. I don't know if you will enjoy it. I don't know whether the Mods will completely read this or not, but I poured my heart out while writing my first review.

    Thanks all for reading,

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    My Formation Called
    "The Extra Round"

    Because you can't call yourself a man if you can't do an extra round. LOL.

    This formation need a hell of luck.

    Rinnegann Sasuke - Great Vanguard for Low Vip Player.
    Konan - Great Support for PVP.
    Six Paths Pain - Fury reduction to all enemies.
    Super Saiyans Inutil - Put all the highest Jades you own so you can wipe out all enemies with the attack all skill.

    And lastly the Ace Player

    Illusion God Itachi

    Why? Because he has 14.5% Punch Rate, the higher the punch rate the more chance of winning since your protagonist can attack twice. \m/_

    Note: This is for players who have low speed but high damages.
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    My formation not called

    My vanguard is Sasuke is very nice vanguard
    My assaulter is main and uchiwa Itachi my Itachi is nice but not upgrade
    My support is Konan and Pain Konan is the great support for heal and Pain is not bad but I recommend Tobirama

    My Accomplistment : Unlock

    Mount Myoboku

    Mount Myoboku Vanguard

    on top kage

    Top Kage - Kazekage

    Top Kage - Mizukage

    Top Kage - Tsuchikage
    Is not best formation for lvl 100 but good.

    Thanks all for reading

    anime ninja
    server 4 naruto

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    "The Overpowered Haku Sasuke
    And His Subordinates"
    Hi minna-san!!You can just call me Ayumu-sensei..but calling me sensei was much more awesome.
    I'll teach you today about how fantastic my formation was.

    First:The Assaulters
    "The Taijutsu"
    Question."Sensei why did you choose "Taijutsu" as your main instead of "Genjutsu or Ninjutsu"?
    Ayumu-sensei:Taijutsu was a "force" type ninja so he/she deals physical damage just like ninjutsu
    meanwhile genjutsu deals strategy damage.Taijutsu ninja's uses kunai as weapon
    so as you think he is a competitor of items..and thats what you people think of taijutsu
    user...but when you reach lvl 100 there's a new function called "Samasara Land"which
    gives a lot of attributes(just for your main ninja only)what im saying is for me its better to
    give a lot of focus from someone who got a all enemies attack skill(Example:Uchiha Itachi
    or he's upgraded one because VIP 0 can upgrade them now)he got much better stats than
    our main ninja.You can just exchange your item to clear the samsara land in a shorter time because it takes time taking time to put jades/items from a ninjutsu/genjutsu user type ninjas. The earlier you complete the Samsara Land the much better because it gives a free spin on wheel of fate everytime you complete the function(Only applicable once a day and gives a lot of kind of stats.
    "The Savior of Non-VIP Haku Sasuke"
    Question:"Sensei why did you say he was the savior of someone like us who can't afford a nicer ninjas and where can i get it and how?"
    Ayumu-sensei:Yes my students..he is the savior of my team and as I can call him "The Godly Haku(White Cursed)Sasuke!Well he gives a lot of advantage on PVP even in PVE because of his "Godly"Stats
    First:On PVP,he can deal a lot of damage from the enemies supporter and assaulter in a 220%growth rate
    and gives 180% dodge rate to the caster and all ally ninjas(can break the dodge limit)and he has the ability
    to avoid from being stunned and fury reduction,gives 25fury every he uses his skill(becane 35-40 because of the accessory effect) so thats why u can beat some ass of those VIP players xD..
    Second:On PVE,even his dodge wont work against them(for example from events:beast/rebellers attack,on
    lost tower,mount myoboku and top kages.Im still finding it out on ninja crusade but im still searching for it)
    Even if its like that,just give him a nice items and high lvl jades and he will be okay :P.You can get him from
    tournament(in the function system)and you can get ninja badges for he's exchange item...BTW he cost 60k badges and roughly the tournament gives 15badges when you lost and if you win it gives 30badges(became big when you get a lot of winning streaks)In my case..i got him 5months without an absence from it and remember you have only 20 attempts in the tournament and opens twice everyday at 12:30 and 20:30.
    Second:The Vanguard
    "The Redeemable Vanguard Zetsu "
    Question:"Sensei,why did you didn't get the rinnegan sasuke..but many people says he was a good one. ?"
    Ayumu-sensei:Yes my students you are 50-50 right and wrong,Rinnegan sasuke was good on a finishing blow
    of ninjas especially supports but in PVE..he was more a bad one because of his attack all enemies skill and makes it all block especially on PVE(Auto death vanguard).You nid to put a lot of S-Attack jades for him.
    Then lets go to my Zetsu xD...Zetsu is the vanguard who only attacks vanguard(do you get it students?i guess you do)so it means he is a single target ninja and makes him the best on lost towers,mount mobyoku,top kages and ninja crusades.When he released his skill,he recovers his own HP by 45% and increases assaulters aid rate
    by 65%(just like rinnegan sasuke).He only cost 3600 gold souls on lvl 110 ninja tavern :P so i can say his a redeemable ninja using a little effort on janken and saving silvers .
    Third:The Supporters
    "Six Paths Pain:The God's Wrath"
    Question:"Sensei,whats the use of him on the support?Does he give a lot of contribution from the team?"
    Ayumu-sensei:Yes for me he really was.He gives a fury reduction to all enemies by 25(can reduct up to 34-37 because of the accessories team effect)He's a better one on PVP or sometimes on PVE.He can deal a lot of damage because he got 175 growth rate on his skill and reduces enemies avoid injury rate by 10%.For me he's good for events right now .No sweat you can get him even if your a VIP 0 :P
    "Sage's of Sage's:Kabuto"
    Question:"As i heard sensei,he got a low stats but why did you still have him?"Does he help on PVP?
    Ayumu-sensei:Yes you're right my student .He's a paper ninja but he is a very good ninja on PVE.His reanimation skill gives 25fury to all ninjas(can gain up-to 34-37 fury because of team accessories effect).
    The best support for VIP 0 in beast events and rebellers attack.And on PVP,as i mentioned above i got haku sasuke and everytime he do a skill,he gives 180% dodge rate and 25fury to itself and he was the fastest on my team(clearly he do the attack first).So by the time...if my enemy got a lower speed than mine,he will get a dodge round so he can still have a time to give fury to all of my ninja's.My main uses wolves so i can have the next round as a next skill for my haku sasuke.

    "A word of encouragement of your part time sensei XD"
    "Being a Non-VIP player is not a hindrance of your success"
    It just nid a dream,patience,hardwork,determination,motivation
    courage and most of all,believe in yourself..because there's nothing impossible if you just have trust on yourself.

    I hope you guys got some information from my guide and help you to make a better,brilliant shinobi world.
    Then once again thank you for reading my work...

    IGN: Akame

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    I titled my formation Timeless Rejuvenation because my team setup allows for direct and indirect heals during battle as well as offensive debuffs and defensive buffs. I go over the strengths and weakness of each member in my formation below. I hope you enjoy this short guide of my formation.

    IGN: ultimas

    Server: Madara

    Support Assaulter Strength Weakness PVP or PVE

    Three Eyed Madara
    Fury regeneration,Immune to stun and fury reduction

    + Super Dodge (Ignores most attacks)Reduces opponents damage rate by 30%
    Many opponents in pve can ignore super dodge.

    * A few Future event ninjas will be able to ignore super dodge and, at the moment, one will be able to despell it.
    This ninja is better suited for pvp;
    however, he is useful in pve for fury regeneration and damage reduction.

    Angel Konan

    Fury regeneration, and Heals most of your group. Angel Konan can be stunned and is not immune to fury reduction.

    Without assistance from other ninjas she can be easily controlled. She cannot heal herself either which proves to be a problem time and time again.
    Angel konan is most useful in pve; due to the fact that she can be easily controlled in pvp and her low damage rates.

    Reanimated Nagato
    Fury regeneration,Immune to stun and fury reduction.

    Reduces opponents defense by 30% and increases allies attack by 30%
    "Nagatos' largest flaw is the fact that his debuff and buff only last for one round.

    This can be an issue if your whole team is not faster then your opponents.

    (additional weakness is this ninja did not receive the ability to ignore super dodge like its Chinese counter part.)
    Reanimated Nagato is a great addition for pve and pvp formations.

    His abilities make him a ninja to be feared.

    Main Character
    *I utilize the ability Timely Showers. Great full team heal with a decent damage rate.

    your main character is your most versatile resource.
    Is not immune to fury reduction or stun and has rather low damage rates for most abilities. Well... you cannot remove your main from your formation so... you will have to use him/her for pve and pvp.

    Susanoo Kakashi
    Fury regeneration,Immune to stun. Reduces opponents fury and has 60% to stop your enemy from using basic attacks.

    Provides a heal over time effect to your support and assaulters and also increases your teams attack by 15%.
    Kakashis' "silence" basic attack blocker does not work in all pve modes and he is not immune to fury reduction.

    Another glaring issue with kakashi is that his heal over time effect is reduced based on your ninjas current health percentage.

    When your ninjas have low heatlh the heal over time effect heals for less.
    Kakashi is a decent ninja for pvp and pve. However, I believe he is better suited for pvp.

    Frequently asked questions:

    What is PVP?

    PVP stands for player verses player. This refers to any aspect of a game where players compete against one another. This includes arenas, elite match, strongest guild, tournament.. etc.

    What is PVE?

    PvE stand for player verses environment. This refers to any aspect of a game where players battle against,non-player, opponents for character development. This includes crusade, six paths arcanum, lost tower.. etc.

    How many fury jades does it take to have a ninja start with full rage?

    You need four mega fury jades and two special fury jades on one ninja to have them start with 100 rage.

    Which ninjas are best for pve?

    In general ninjas that have a DOT effect, damage over time, or a way to reduce your opponents damage are better suited for PvE. The reason for this is that as you progress in PvE your opponents will have higher attack power and higher defense. The easiest way to overcome this issue is by using ninjas that have a DOT, dot's ignore defense, and ninjas that reduce your opponents attack.

    If you were not a VIP player what would be your formation for pve?

    Well, your formation would change based on your level and resources. If I were below level 120 I would use Kakuzu, konan, 2nd mizukage or Terumi-mei, Tobi, main character.

    If I were above level 120 I would use 2nd mizukage, kushimaru, hozuki mangetsu; Jinpachi and my main. I strongly suggest free users give these formations a shot for pve if possible. I am aware gathering enough souls for these ninjas can be difficult. So, while saving your souls for this advanced formation you can utilize the ,below level 120, formation I listed above and still do well in pve.
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    my name : naruuto biju server: rinnigan 95
    My team called : Uchiha brother's bond as you can see the power of sasuke and his brother itachi is unbeatable
    my main formation : i will go from the fastes one in my formation to the slowest

    my fastest ninja is pain at 100k speed he attack all enemies at 135% an the reason i make him the fastest is he decrease enemies fury by 5 and soon it will be 25 then tobirama at 90k speed he attack assulter 130% and decrease there fury by 50 and have chance to controal or stun them for 3 rounds and that's perfect then my main with 75k speed with skill thunder god attack all enemies 158% then my monster Illusion God Itachi or IGI at 70k speed attack all enemies 175% and decrease there defense by 15% finally my Vangard Sasuke with 47k speed attack all enemies 180% recover his hp by 45%

    and my formation look like this :

    for my beast and rebelles formation or free events formation i use this :
    painattack all enemies at 135% and sai he attack all enemies 140% and the reason i use this ninja in the free events that he increase all allies damege rate by 10% for 3 rounds then i use Illusion God Itachi or IGI he attack all enemies 175% and decrease there defense by 15% then i use hen my main with skill wolves attack enemies assaulter 120% and the reason i use this skill that he make my IGI have extra round and that help me allot then my final ninja is Ebizo he attack enemy Vangard 300% and increas his attack by 20% and crit by 10% for 3 rounds and my formation look like that:
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    "Total Control"

    As you can see this formation requires much gold souls and proofs to get all that ninjas. Of course it's hard for non-vip players but that's the best formation of what you can have until you get 90-100 lvl.
    The most important thing for that formation to greatly work is speed. Without speed you can't get advantage and control an opponent.

    This formation allows you to beat players with higher amount of battle points than yours.


    Sasori should move first of all ninjas in battle.

    His speed should be the highest. Cause your opponent can have Madara, Obito, Sai, another Sasori and Deidara of course. We don't want to be controlled.

    We want to control!

    You may ask:"Why not Deidara?". The answer is simple. Imagine battle with same formation. Your Deidara was first to move. Then moves opponent's Sasori. Imagine that your control wasn't effective on assaulters. But opponent's Sasori won't give you another chance. He will just decrease your rage or control you. As for Madara, Obito, Sai, which simply kill supports. That's why Sasori should be the fastest ninja of your formation.

    But there is one case when Deidara should be the fastest.


    Next movement should make Deidara. To control assaulters.

    Some players like to do next thing. Battle points: for example Captain - 55000, Kakuzu - 70000, Sasori - 70000, Deidara - 70000, Itachi - 120000. It can work while your Deidara slower than opponent's Itachi.

    That's that case! And here comes Deidara!

    Just exchange equip between Sasori and Deidara. Itachi is controlled, his rage is decreased, we got an anvantage! It can work cause Itachi doesn't have bonus of speed. But Deidara has it! So opponent should insert more high lvl AGI jades in Itachi to get good speed while Deidara requires less amount and less lvl of AGI jades cause of speed bonus.

    Uchiha Itachi.

    The most powerful ninja in formation.

    Give him potency, force and speed. Also don't forget about power for normal amount of HP, cause opponent's Itachi can be strong enough to kill you with one AOE skill.

    This ninja can help you beat Top Kages in solo-battle.

    You can upgrade Itachi and use him until you get Nii Yugito at 120 lvl or Tournament Sasuke for 60000 badges.


    Some players can't choose between Kakuzu and Kisame at 70 lvl. Well the choice is simple.

    Kisame is mostly PVP vanguard.

    Hire Kisame if you can make at least 60% of CritRate, 50% of BlockRate, 30% of S.AttackRate, 130% of Hit and 20000-25000 of PhysicalAttack. Also he should have 7 lvl of Power jades cause he hasn't Defence Bonus like Kakuzu. His bonus is CritRate. How does it work. When somebody hits Kisame he blocks and counters with great amount of damage. After the Diving Shark his Block increases by 35%. So he can block and counter more often. He can kill opponent alone just blocking the attacks.

    Now imagine how much gold and coupons you should spend for jades to make Kisame really strong!
    If you imagined it and became scared then hire Kakuzu.
    Kakuzu has Defence Talent. His Atsugai Zukokku also increases Defence. It's the best choice for non-vip players and vip-players who don't want to top-up more. Kakuzu is the last one to be killed in a battle cause of it's defence.


    I use skill Wolves to get Extra round for Itachi. So Itachi can use his skill at 2 and 4 rounds instead of 2 and 5.

    For defeating Top Kages in solo-battle use Aim until you get Itachi for it.


    Players often ask me to look at their characters and tell what's wrong. Here is a simple guide for jades.

    Ninjustu and Taijutsu ninjas: Force, AGI, HIT, Power, S.Atk, Counter, Crit.
    Genjutsu ninjas:
    Chakra, AGI, HIT, Power, S.Atk, Counter, Crit.
    Power, Force, Some Chakra, Block, DOD, Some HIT, Counter.


    It's simple too.
    Ninjustu and Taijutsu ninjas: Force, AGI, Power or HIT or Crit
    Genjutsu ninjas:
    Chakra, AGI, Power or HIT or Crit
    Power, Force or Chakra, Dodge or Block.

    Look at ninjas talent, bonuses and increase them using jades and refining.

    This game is only maths. Just use arithmetic to be successful!

    Server: s133 Uchiha
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