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Thread: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

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    Default [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Name Event :Show your Teamwork !
    Duration : 9th May 2015 - 16th May 2015
    Terms :

    • Player need to make guide about their formation in game and they need to describe it, example

    I called my team double sasuke attack, I use 2 sasuke in team, Cursed Seal Sasuke and Black Coat Sasuke, there is also Naruto and Karin for support, I can defeat all player in the area with the same level or event 10 level above !!

    I think the best part of my team is my support Karin, because of her we can win easily on the Arena, he can stunt target and we can free to attack them. So we suggesting you to use this formation, it?s good to PVP for level 60-70. But I not recommend you to use this for PVE, coz we still lack of DPS?.etc

    • Player also need to modify their guide to look more interesting, add pics, different color of text, etc
    • We will choose 5 players who have the best and interesting guide
    • The event will be held on FORUM
    • Dont forget to put your IGN and server

    Reward :

    Coupon x 2000
    Gold Soul x 1000
    Lv.10 Silver Card x 30

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    I can call this/my formation "The Power of SASUKE" you can see at this Formation that i upgrade my Sasuke and also i have Maito as my Vanguard, Karin and Haku as my Supports.

    Why did i used
    Maito Gai than Hinata?

    Because Maito has a high
    Dodge rate. So if your opponent has Low Hit rate they cant hit much to your Maito

    Why did i get

    I get haku because of her
    Increase Fury. She is Useful at all, in PVP and PVE you can use her until 70

    And for me the Best part of my Team is Karin. Because she is the fastest in my team and she has a
    Chance to Stun your opponent you can use her from 50-70
    You can Put
    AGI Jades to Karin, because she needs to used her Fury first, so she has a chance to STUN your opponent first

    You can use this team from level 50-70 then replace with higher ninjas.


    IGN : Kabusaki
    Server : 136 - Ootsutsuki

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    I called this The Destroyer formation, cause if your support is fast ,like if mangetsu attack first with high damage and speed, enemy's team will wipe up in 1st round (require 100% fury and 90% crit) , if mangetsu didnt kill it all , I had my second option Pain, with mangetsu's poison+Stun and pain's Fury reduction + High speed sure youll win, Curse seal sasuke And main will be like the finisher but sometimes Mangetsu and Pain is Enough to kill the whole Team . Curse seal sasuke is good in formation cause he gives Super Dodge for 1 round while Rinnegan sasuke Aids assaulter and Has self recovery

    It is also good in PVE

    i hope you like it Happy Gaming

    IGN: x Shanks x
    Server: S-29
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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    IGN: Beth Loggins

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Why hello there everyone, today I will be explaining my team for those under vip 4.

    I call my team the "Power of Force"
    I recruited this team as a VIP 0 player and it's done really good in the daily Tournament/Elite Match

    Reaspon behind this team
    Kakuzu is just there to be a good vanguard (vip 0 players must wait until main is level 80 to recruit him from tavern)
    Jiraiya's role is to boost the asaulter's attack
    My main is a Shuriken weapon user which I find to be balanced since not many ninjas use Shurikens so making them is easy. The skill she is currently using is "Fire Shuriken it reduces defense by 30% for 4 rounds. Why do I use this instead of Whirlpool? Well since Jiraiya raises assaulters attack I feel the lowered enemy defense is just an extra boost.
    Itachi, is there simply to add extra damage. He is an S-club ninja and is fairly easy to upgrade. Plus now even vip 0 players can get him upgraded!
    For my support I am using Karin. She is Recruitable with only purple ninja souls and her main role is to stun the enemies. She also does good damage but her main role is to stun.

    I hope this guide can help the players that decide to be vip 0 or under vip 4. Thank you for reading.

    IGN: Shuriken
    Server: S-2 Kiba (iruka)

    Be true, be you!
    IGN: Souvenir ​/Shuriken♥ Server: S1 Iruka Guild: 300_Senju

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Hello everbody

    I hereby present you my formation, the FREE USER- VIP DESTROYER!

    I'm actually a vip0 aiming to be the best in the whole of ANIME NINJA!

    I reincarnated my mangetsu which was tough to even get, and put full fury on him so as to always deal poison and stun if possible.

    Next, I use my upgraded pain to reduce fury of my enemies to be 1 step ahead of them.
    Then I use my protagonist with skill flame raksasha to attack all and reduce their fury again from occult techniques!
    My 2 sasuke attack lastly for team to have the super dodge, aid to assaulters and recover health of vanquard.
    Hope you liked it hehe

    IGN: Kaizerr Sama
    Server: Sakura (s3)
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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    Today I'll share to you guys my beast/RA formation team, about the name well I'm suck on names but if I'll to pick then its my "Money Team", because with this team I can gain more silver from beast events and jades during rebellers event (if I'm lucky).

    To start up 1st you need the following ninjas:
    Main character - Of course without the leader how can the team proceed.
    Primary Damager Ninja - This assulter ninja will be your main damager as he/she will do massive damage because of high % attack rate skills and regain self fury. Ex. of these ninjas are R. Naruto & 8 Gates Gai
    Secondary Damager Ninja - This assulter ninja will support your whole team by generating fury per round as well as having decent % attack rate skills. Ex. are Minato/4th Hokage; Kaguya (future ninja)
    Fury Generator Ninjas - 2 support ninjas which will give fury to your whole team every round, also giving boost stats & DoT damage. Ex. are Haku; Sage Kabuto; R. Nagato; Hagoromo

    Objective: The main key here is to have your team activate their fury skills per round as well as let your primary damager ninja uses his fury skill twice to have more damage output.

    --Your 1st fury generator must have a full fury build, the rest of your team must have an initial 75 fury at the start of the round (you need 50% fury jades to have 75 initial fury). If your short of jades try to have at least 1 full fury generator, your primary damager and the other fury generator must have 75 initial fury.
    --Try to have high crit rate as much as possible because higher crit rate = more fury gain from the fury generators + more damage
    --Common mistake for early players is that they synthesis all their block jades at high lvls because its only used for vangauard, well don't instead try to share your block on the assulter lane for they deal damage when you block their attack (which also helps you on getting less dmg from stage 60+ rebel ninja wave)

    My "Money Team" consist the ff:
    Main Ninja with Wolves Skill ( I already have 3 flashes but for the sake for those early players that don't have this skill I'll use this)
    Primary damager = R1 R. Naruto
    2nd damager = 4th Hokage
    1st Fury Generator = Outer Path Obito
    2nd Fury Generator = Sage Kabuto (You can replace him with 2nd Mizukage if you have one but its better to have 3 fury generators to assure your Primary damager attacks twice).

    Assume all fury gain during the attack are critical, which means instead of getting 30 fury, if critted you gain 45 instead (50% boost in fury). Strictly follow these attack order, if you can't manage to do so try to adjust your speed by add/remove some agi jades/accessories/swep. Yes this is very hassle and tedious to do but you'll get used to it. You can replace an event ninja aside from mine as long as they fit from the description above.

    Attack order 1st round:
    1st attack = OPO fury skill, full team will have full fury (if you don't have enough fury jades prioritize Sage Kabuto & R.Naruto having 75 initial fury as stated earlier)
    2nd attack = R.Naruto fury skill (he regain 75 fury)
    3rd attack = Sage Kabuto fury skill (R.Naruto will have 100+ fury,other ninjas will have 100+ fury)
    4th attack = Main Ninja uses wolves (Punch rate buff gained, 0 fury afterwards)
    5th attack = 4th Hokage Fury skill (Main ninja should have 37 fury / R. Naruto will have 100+ fury)

    Attack order 2nd round:
    1st attack = OPO fury skill, (Your main ninja should now have at least 74+ fury)
    2nd attack = R.Naruto fury skill (he regain 75 fury)
    3rd attack = Sage Kabuto fury skill (R.Naruto will have 100+ fury, other ninjas will have 100+ fury)
    4th attack = Main Ninja uses wolves (Punch rate activated also you gained the punch rate buff again, 0 fury afterwards)
    5th attack = R.Naruto fury skill again due to main's punch rate (75 fury afterwards)
    6th attack = 4th Hokage Fury skill (Main should have 37 fury / R. Naruto will have 100+ fury)

    The cycle goes back until the 5th round where the enemies use their special skill which will wipeout your team. The attack pattern might break if you don't have enough crit jades or high output fury generators. Well there you have it, I know my team seems outdated but this team help me achieve Devil 6 tails lvl 2 (and I still have silver to boost directly to Devil 7 tails).

    Anime related: On my team Sage Kabuto mastered the Impure World Reincarnation which leads to the 4th Shinobi war, along side with Tobi now then became OPO which plans to achieve the Eye of the Moon plan, which Kabuto also reincarnated 4th Hokage and tagged by his son Naruto on his sage mode to stop the war xD. (Sorry I'm playing a Naruto based browser game but can't stand watching the anime).

    IGN : Dreks
    Server : S35-s38
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    S36 : Tobirama
    IGN : Dreks

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    i call this formation ''THE REAPER OF AKATSUKI'' this formation basically for players that didn't not take any event ninja and for low vip players like me

    My support is SASORI and KONAN.

    i have to make my
    SASORI more speed because it will make me attack first at any attack and make them low fury and stun so the othercan attack the enemy freely.

    KONAN i have to give more chakra to make his heal more effective to others. So that make KONAN better than SAKURA. KONAN can help a lot at top kages, Mount myoboku , arena and elite match

    My vanguard is KAKUZU

    KAKUZU is better then MAITO GAI because it has more hp. The different betweenKAKUZU and MAITO GAI are KAKUZU got more 60% of growing rate and increase caster 10% for enemy. That why KAKUZU is more tank than MAITO GAI

    My assaulter is UCHIHA ITACHI

    You can get
    UCHIHA ITACHI at lv80 and you can still get him at low vip player. This is the first S.NINJA that can you get from Ninja club .

    UCHIHA ITACHI have more damage, speed, hp and can attack all the enemy if he has a fury. UCHIHA ITACHI also can be upgrade easily at level 90. It is worth to take him.

    My main : DEADGORILLA

    i take GENJUTSU which i think more effective at skill and have more chakra than the others.
    GENJUTSU have balance skill and attribute in my opinion .



    SERVER : 128 ( HYUGA )

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    Default Re: [Event] Show Your Teamwork

    My team is called, the combination Uchiha And Bijuus

    I have Six Paths Pain, Mangetsu Hozoki, Nii Yugito and Rinnniegann Sasuke, the team depends on all members Nagato unene their fuersas to defend and chakra him.

    The conspiracy (Istoria secret) Uchiha comiensa when Nagato finds its power in the eyes causes an Uchiha Madara and the plan to destroy evil on earth, kidnapped and forcibly makes Nii Yugito join his new group war with Genjutsu, Sasuke did not think 2 times join on condition that takes the road, because the conose where is that evil does not support more, Nii Yugito hires Mangetsu Hozoki, as it was the strongest ninja area and water power the ckakra and vitality would inparables.

    The extrategia is that all protejen Nagato Attacks, and when he attacks NOBODY IS ON ITS WAY

    The group leader Hidden Uchiha who used Yugito absorbing half supoder + blood Uchiha so Perfect!

    ID: Delacroxi

    Server: S29 Kurama
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