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    Information [Guide] Answer to Aokiji Question

    Guide to answer all aokiji question . I took this from another version and translate it .

    1. First country to have christmas tree

    2. When luffy goes to saboudy , how many months have shakky last seen rayleigh ?
    6 months

    3. When Franky and other strawhat crews transform into super human robot , why did Robin not involved ?
    . it's too embarassing

    4. At Spa Island, Sanji ask sea raccoon to transform into ?
    . A beautiful girl

    5.Last person to show up to save caime at the auction house

    6.What is another holiday in december beside christmas

    7. how much staw hat pirates pays for rayleigh coating?
    0 Berry

    8.Why is ussop nose so long
    . Gene from mother

    9. Who twin get kidnapped by the Phoenix Pirate

    10.What is another name for shakky's bar ?
    Rip-off Bar Shakky

    11.Where did luffy and boa first met ?
    Boa's bathtub/bathroom

    12. Santa Clause citizenship ?

    13.What is the number on the pig zombie on thriller bark

    14.When Kizaru about to finish hawkin. who save him ?
    The musashi den den

    15. What does Luffy rides when appears?

    16.How luffy escape from kuja's prison ?
    he broke the roof and escape

    When Usopp is going to rescue Caimie, who did he bump into?
    . Saint Roswald
    Saint Roswald

    18.Brother of luffy

    19. At Sabaody Park, what kind of vehicle that Hatchan ride?

    20. At impel down, why buggy decide to help luffy ?
    He likes luffy bracelet

    21.What is Christmas/Noel ?
    a religious day or something like that

    22.Name of ussop pirate
    Ussop pirate

    23. How many spas in spa island ?

    24. what did everyone do after defeat moria ?

    25. What is Santa Clause real name

    26. What is the meaning of christmas tree
    eternal live or live

    27.What is not right about santa claus ?
    He rides with giraffe

    28. Luffy's favorite food

    29. What did nami tell lola so that she doesn't kill her ?
    Says she is a male

    30.why luffy is unconsious when he arrive at kuja
    eat poison mushroom

    31. How Usopp and Franky immobilize Oars?
    Freeze Oars

    32. When kizaru about to kill zoro, who save him and give him a piggyback ride ?

    33. when moria steals your shadow, how long will you unconsious/sleep ?
    2 days

    34.First person to get hit by a bear at saboudy
    Usopp (A)

    35. Roasted turkey is a special dish from
    america did santa clause go into houses ?

    37. best place to put christmas's sock

    38.Place sanji want to go

    39.What plant beat ussop at accino castle
    cannibal flower

    40.Nyon's snake color

    41. First to run away from moria pirate

    42.first person to hit luffy out of 3 snake sisters
    Boa hancock

    43. Which place in Grand line that similar to santa clause residence
    Drum island

    44. what does zoro like to do ?

    45. Zoro's hometown ?
    Shimotsuki village

    46. Brook's instrument when he play for the rumbar pirate ?

    47. what do we put on top of the christmas tree ?
    a star

    48. What country have christmas in the summer

    49. Who take ace from impel down to marinefold

    50.Where did extra food put in thriller ?
    on the ground

    51.What is the color of Zoro's scarf ?
    Dark Green

    52. Who is the person Absalom choose as his bride?

    53.How did gol d roger understand the polynegraph
    he can listen to seaking? idk this one impeldown, what is the truth behind luffy's armband
    John treasure map

    55.How many reindeers that pull Santa's sleigh

    57. What number is the tree when urouge and pacifista fought ?

    58. What color theme is christmas ?
    red, green, white

    59. Is santa real ?

    60. Why sanji fight without using hands ?
    for the chef honor

    61. Who did duval bring to look for camie ?

    62. What animals pull Santa's sleigh ?

    santa's red sleigh adorned with what branch?

    What is hogback role on absalom wedding?
    B. Dance some belly moves

    65. Who take Ace from Impel Down to Marinefold ?

    66. What did shakky give chopper at her bar ?
    cotton candy

    67. After zoro was beaten by kizaru, who carry him to escape ?

    68. what do you use christmas stocking for
    to keep present
    69. Why luffy is unconsious after arriving at Kuja island ?
    his vitality is being sucked after eating a poisonous mushroom

    I hope is help you somehow . Cheers
    I got 3/3 today with this
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    This is not all but thanks for effort n sharing
    IGN: Clera of S15

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiR3_FiST View Post
    This is not all but thanks for effort n sharing
    I will try my best to edit the questions each day to fit the questions event since most people will panic....

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    i will transfer this to guide section and add to the list of guide... tnx for this guide
    i will try add also..
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    Add this

    # When Usopp is going to rescue Caimie, who did he bump into?
    . Saint Roswald

    # Who ride the Bubble Ferris Wheel with Caimie / Camie ?
    . Luffy

    # Thriller Bark come from which Ocean?
    . West Blue
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    What is hogback role on absalom wedding?

    A. Perform surgery
    B. Dance some belly moves
    C. as witnesses

    what should be the right answer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkydr View Post
    What is hogback role on absalom wedding?

    A. Perform surgery
    B. Dance some belly moves
    C. as witnesses

    what should be the right answer?
    B . Dance some belly moves , i will add that right away

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    Where do you put chirstmas stockings?

    B- Bedside

    Who is the first one being flown away by kuma at sabaody archipielago?

    A- Zoro

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    Please add this

    Q: who is the one that nightmare luffy save upon his arrival
    A: Usopp and Nami


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