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Thread: Top up game credit using paymentwall

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    Default Top up game credit using paymentwall

    Tutorial Top-Up Guide using PaymentWall
    If you meet some trouble, please report it to

    Step 1: Login to PlayWebGame Payment on using your existing PlayWebGame ID. (Here we use Anime Ninja ScreenShot page for example)

    Step 2:Click Charge Button and you will be redirected to a Charge page, choose Anime Ninja and the server you wanted to top up to, and choose Payment Wall as the Payment Provider, after that, click the blue Charge button below the Payment Provider. *ex: ScreenShot with NinjaOnline TopUp

    Step 3: A Page will pop-up, in this pop-up page, you will need to choose the amount of gold you wanted to top up. After you choose, click Buy.

    Step 4: After you followed step 3, you will need to input your personal data to proceed with the top up. Input your personal data, it has to be a valid data to be able to top up, and then click Buy

    Step 5: If the data that you entered is valid, a notice saying ?thank you for your purchase!? will appear. Which also means your transaction is being processed and the Anime Ninja gold will be sent immediately to your character in the server that you have chosen in step 2.

    Step 6: You can then check and/or review your transactions history by clicking the ?Transaction Log? in the options on top of the screen.

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    hi there,

    i just used payment wall to top-up but did not receive any gold and it doesnt show the transaction history. plz help

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    hii Gamers....
    report your problem @



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    hey man .. i cant top up .. help me it dosent work .. and cant support too
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