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Thread: SHOW OFF Jade Lv9

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    Cool SHOW OFF Jade Lv9

    Getting tired of this game everyday only waiting for Event and Nothing much to do and yet having a Selfish Leader
    I've deleted Low Level Jade that can't be Snyth due lack of an other jade for it...

    Force Jade Lv9

    Power Jade Lv9

    Bye ALL
    Return to Real Life

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    Don't quit!!! haha Why not just chill with game? Don't take it so serious and don't let it annoy you :P in the end you vip6 and this game doesn't ask for so much time... Only if you are waiting for daily activities it take much.

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    hope you will having soo much fun..bye2

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    24% Force crap imagine if you have 6 of those in a single character.


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