Ahooy Captain!!

Here comes the new media payment that you have been waiting for! We provide you many media payments that you can use to top up. Hereby is some information that you need to know before you proceed on.

You must have Prodigy ID to access the Prodigy Credit Payment. If you want to know more about “how to make Prodigy ID”, you can read the the guide HERE.

Check this out!

MOL Website : https://global.mol.com/global/portal/en/default.aspx

First Step:
Go to https://payment.prodigy.co.id/ and log in.

Second Step:
Click Charge to start the transaction.

Third Step:
Choose the game, your server and the provider, then click “Charge” button.

Fourth Step:
Choose the nominal that you will put into your character.

Fifth Step:
You will be directed to MOL Point page to log in and start the process of the transaction.

Sixth Step:
Enter your password to perform the final Purchase Confirmation.

Seventh Step:
Transaction is success and Happy Sailing

We Will Keep Updating The Payment Media if others payment are available

If you have a problem on top up, you can directly report it to gamemasteranime@prodigy.co.id
with format:
1. User ID player
2. Type of Topup that you used
3. The nominal of top up
4. The date and time of transaction